Stinky Sink?

22 Mar Stinky Sink?

So last Saturday we walked into our house after an evening out with friends and there was a smell. So we did what any logical people would do, we walked around the house until we found the culprit. It come down to 2 possible culprits, the trash or the sink. To rule out the sink, I would need to freshen it somehow. Then it hit me, my brilliant idea of the year (yes, I don’t have that many 😉 ). I’ve seen those little gel balls with good smelling(but probably chemical laden) properties that you put in your sink and turn on your garbage disposal.
So, I grabbed my lemon & orange essential oils as well as one capsule. I’m sure you know where I’m going with this but I’ll keep going for clarity sake. I put 2 drops of each oil in the capsule, started the water in the sink, put the capsule in and hit the garbage disposal. Voila! Instant fresh, citrus bliss!



What you need:
2-4 Drops of essential oils (get here)
1 Vegetable capsule
Stinky sink (optional)
Turns out that the sink wasn’t the culprit….It was the trash after all….and after writing all of this, I think to myself, why didn’t I try to take out the trash first? Surely that would have been easier? Oh well, I’m glad I ‘stumbled’ upon this trick! 🙂
What do you use to freshen your sink? Let me know in the comments below!
Take care & talk soon!


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