How-to Guide

I bet you are one of two people. #1 You just received your starter kit & you are asking yourself “now what”? #2 You just placed your order for your starter kit & can’t contain your excitement until it arrives at your front door! Either way, you’re in the perfect place!


There are 4 basic ways to use the oils

#1 Topically, aka, applying them on your body
Some oils, you can apply ‘neat’ which means, you do not have to dilute it. Others, you should dilute with a carrier oil (olive, coconut or V-6 oil, organic if possible is best). Look at the back of each bottle and it will tell you if you need to dilute it or not and the dilution ratio.


#2 Diffuse, aka, put it into the air with the cool new diffuser you just got(or are getting)!
This is our FAVORITE way to experience the oils! What does it do you ask? It puts the amazing, smelly(the good kind) goodness into the air for you & your environment to breathe in! Oils like Purification get rid of nasty odors lingering about and citrus oils like Citrus Fresh create an uplifting and relaxing, spa-like atmosphere. You only need a few drops, fill up the rest of your diffuser with distilled water and push that beautiful button on the front to start filling your home with goodness!


#3 Inhale oils from bottle, aka smelling the oils

Remove that cap and breathe them in. When smelling the oils, start by holding the oils by your stomach and eventually move the bottle closer to your nose making sure not to overwhelm your senses. If you are just starting to use essential oils, the smell might be overpowering at first. After awhile, your senses with readjust to the pure goodness that is Young Living Essential Oils!


#4 Ingesting Oils, aka, eating or drinking oils

Some ailments suggest that you ingest the oils but we wouldn’t advise ingesting unless recommended by an experienced Young Living member or in the reference guide we mention below. To ingest, you can add to food and water or take in a capsule, whichever is recommended.


How do I know when to use what oil and how to use it?

We ABSOLUTELY recommend The Primary Usage Guide! Now, as a member of The Well, you are getting a free starter kit from us that includes the pocket-version of this which is great to start with! I would still recommend the full-size version as well because we would be lost without it! It also has photos, instructions, scientific reasons why the oils work and pages upon pages of knowledge about Essential Oils! We are not affiliated or compensated by this company or author at all!

Remember, if you sign up for Essential Rewards within 3 months of signing up as a member of The Well, we will send it to you as our gift to you!

You can ALWAYS ask your team members and leadership at The Well! That is why we are here, so we can rally around each other & help whenever we can!

We are here for you, day & night!

Take care & talk soon

Love, The Well