How to get YL products completely free!

07 Oct How to get YL products completely free!

Yes! All of this was really free! One of the many reasons I love Young Living!

Oh Essential Rewards! You’re too sweet! <3

So there is this magical thing called Essential Rewards and if you are as obsessed with healthy & chemical free living, an auto-ship order every month with Young Living only makes sense! I’ll break down the benefits for you!
The first 6 months you earn 10% back on EVERY ER order
6-12 months you earn 15% back on EVERY ER order
Last but most certainly not least, when you are on ER for 12+ months, you earn 20% back on every order!

What’s the catch?

Absolutely no catch! You just order products you need/use every month and before you know it you will be placing your first FREE order! So if you’re like me and you don’t like numbers 😉 that means you earn $20 free dollars every month you purchase 100PV! I’m not joking! That is HUGE and they add up so quickly!
To redeem, you log into your beautiful new virtual office, choose nearly any product you want and choose your ER points to pay! I mean, who doesn’t love free?!? I would be buying these products regardless of points, but this is just the cherry on top of the great big generous sundae I call Young Living! 🙂
If you haven’t started your journey to wellness & chemical free living yet, go here for more information!
Lets get healthy & stay healthy friends!
Take care & talk soon!

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