How I took a trip of a lifetime while still earning an income

01 Sep How I took a trip of a lifetime while still earning an income



If you’ve been following Homemade Wellness on any of our social media channels you probably have noticed that I was off on a month+ road trip around the USA. In fact, we just drove back and are finally home, sweet, home again! We (my hubby & I) had so much fun, saw so many sights and had the chance to to spend some quality one-on-one time with each other. It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and I am beyond thankful to Young Living that I was able to do this and not worry about finances.

I was literally running my business from the road! How cool is that? Seriously, what other job can you say that requires as little or as much dedication as you want and that you can do from anywhere in the world! You get to choose your own vacation days, your lunch time, when you start in the morning (sleep in anyone? 😉 ), when you need an afternoon break and when you take the rest of the day off! You are your own boss!

How YL Works

The MLM (Multi-level-marketing model) always freaks people out and I understand. I was freaked out at first too! You always hear about pyramid schemes and scams and it sounds creepy! Young Living IS NOT a pyramid scheme! They are a tried and true American company that is completely trustworthy! I can assure you that Young Living is a quality company and for those that are interested, their compensation plan is VERY generous and spectacular! Now, do not get freaked out, you NEVER EVER EVER have to make your wholesale account into a business! Ever. You never have to sign someone up or fulfill a quota or spend a certain amount of money. There is never a moment where you have to keep stock of products. There is ZERO pressure to make it into a business! Zero! Zilch! Nada!

Making Young Living YOUR Business

Now for those that want to make this into a part time, full-time, work-from-home-mom-time, this business is really not that intimidating. Once you get your oils and you start using or talking about them in front of friends or family, they sell themselves. I know, that is such a cliche phrase, but I am saying this from my own experience. People are naturally curious.

One of the best investments you can make is to buy some sample vials and let your friends try a few oils because once they find an oil they love, they are going to want them for themselves!

Summary of Danie’s Business Tips:

1. Use or talk about your oils in front of your friends and family.
2. Get some sample bottles and let curious people try a few different oils they are interested in.
3. Let them borrow a reference guide, product catalog or brochure about essential oils
4. Offer something free when they sign up under you, speaking of (shameless plug 😉 ), we giveaway a Pocket Reference Guide, Pouch for oils, Labels for oils & Custom Business Cards to anyone who signs up under our team. Learn more here about the additional benefits of becoming a Wellbee here.
5. Once you tell someone about oils, do not pressure them into it, if it is something they are interested in, they will come to you!
6. ALWAYS make sure to label all the information you give away with your name, ID# and contact information so if they are interested, they will give you a call or have your ID# ready to plug in when they sign up!

There you have it! If you would like to join our team (We would love to have you join our amazing, supportive community!), go here to learn more.

Take care & talk soon lovelies! Have a wonderful Labor Day, I hope you have it off and I hope you get to spend time surrounded by family and friends!


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