Journey to Wellness

If this has you in a panic, set it aside(and grab your stress away!) There are two easy-peasy ways to become a Young Living member! We will walk you through the steps & give you our tips & suggestions along the way!

What’s the difference between a Retail & Wholesale member?


 Details  Retail Wholesale Member
 Price of Products  Full Retail Price  24% Discount Off Retail Price
Starter Kit Optional Required to become a member (one time thing – never have to buy another one)
Quotas Nope Never
How to keep status Nothing. Order like normal Spend $50 a year on oils
Pressure to sell Nada No way
Business Opportunity Nope Absolutely – but only if you want it to be
Essential Rewards Capable Not here Yep!


Retail Customer

  • Pay retail cost.


Wholesale Member

  • Pay wholesale cost of 24% off retail
  • Buy $50 in oils a year to keep distributor status (kind of like Costco but you get oils!)
  • No monthly quotas or pressure to sell, EVER!
  • If you decide you want to make it into a business it can be a great opportunity.
  • Have the option to be an Essential Rewards Member.


Essential Rewards Member

  • Learn more about Essential Rewards here


The Investment


The Fine Print (in less confusing language 😉 )

To become a wholesale member of Young Living, each new member needs to purchase a starter kit (one time deal!) We would absolutely recommend the Premium Starter Kit. To get the wholesale membership, diffuser and Everyday Oils Collection costs $150. Want to know the crazy thing? The regular price of those items priced separately is $274! That is $124 off! The diffuser itself costs $75 ($98 retail)! If that is out of the budget at the moment, there are other options starting at $40! 🙂
NOTE: If you purchase anything, anything at all through Young Living, you are not obligated to purchase anything ever again! If you decide to buy the starter kit and never buy another oil or product again, that is PERFECTLY fine. You will not be fined, you will not be called, you will not be bothered, if you never place another order, nothing will happen! Think of Young Living as a warehouse store, like Costco. To keep your status as a member, you have to spend $50 a year on oils. So it’s even better than Costco because you get oils instead of just a piece of plastic to let you in the store! There is nothing scary or sketchy about it, promise! 🙂 If you have questions or hesitations, get in touch with us here


I’m interested, what do I do now?

If you were referred by a well member and want to be part of our team, make sure to use the ID they provided in both the enroller & sponsor ID spots on the form! All of the leaders of the Well are listed below with a quick & easy link to sign up without having to copy/paste #’s into ID slots. If they did not provide one or you have not be in contact with a well member yet, please feel free to sign up here or manually enter Danie’s ID 1371852, let her know who referred you (if anyone) and she will reassign & take care of you!

Choose a link below to sign up – Choose your sponsor

Get Started with Young Living with Danie
Get Started with Young Living with Mariah
Get Started with Young Living with Sara
Get Started with Young Living with Brenda
If you would like to get more acquainted with any of the Wellbees listed above, be sure to go here to learn their stories! 🙂


Yes! All of this can be yours if you sign up under a Wellbee with a Premium Starter Kit!

Perks of coming to The Well

  • Inspiring members-only group
  • Starter Kit from us (all the freebies listed above 😀 )
  • Access to exclusive website & facebook group
  • Nurturing support system
  • Knowledgeable members
  • Educational resources
  • Instructional videos
  • Webinars
  • Business Tools
  • Giveaways
  • Access to recipes & all natural alternatives for your home


A visual walk-through to sign up for Young Living:



Step by step instructions

  1. If you were given an ID or a link (ID spots will most likely already be filled in for you if you were given a link) from a well-member, make sure to enter their ID into both the Enroller & Sponsor ID slots. If you weren’t given an ID or haven’t talked with a Well-member, go here or enter ID#1371852 into both the Enroller & Sponsor ID slots and Danie will reassign and take care of you(please let her know which Well-Member referred you if any)!
  2. Make sure that the appropriate circle is checked, Wholesale Member or Retail Customer, whichever works best for you! Remember that Wholesale Members get 24% off retail price and the only requirement to keep that discount is spending $50 a year on oils.
  3. Fill out all of the information. Yes, they do ask your SS#. YL can be a business if you want it to be but rest assured your SS# will not be used if you do not sign anyone up under you. They are a legitimate company and can be trusted.
  4. Write down your username, pin and password so you don’t forget!
  5. Choose the starter kit that works best for you! Remember that the Premium Starter Kit is the only one that comes with bottles of oils!
  6. Scroll through the Essential Rewards information and choose what is best for you. I would suggest getting your starter kit first and then discussing later whether or not ER is right for your family. Reminder, if you sign up for Essential Rewards in the first 3 months of your wholesale membership, we will send you the Primary Usage Guide as our gift to you!
  7. Click ‘I agree’ and ‘next’
  8. Confirm your enrollment. The name of the person who referred you should be listed as your Enroller and Sponsor.
  9. Add any additional products you would like to get with your kit. If you would like to get the monthly promotions with your starter kit, make sure to view what free oil promotions they are running that month. Usually there are free oils & other rewards at 190PV and 250PV.
  10. Check out
  11. Celebrate! You are now a member!!! You will be receiving an email from us confirming your membership in The Well along with everything you will need to get started!


If you absolutely can’t wait for your Essential Oils to be at your door, what can we say? We feel the same way every month! To learn how to start using essential oils, go here.